When #ThereIsNoTime

Fotografijos autorius B. Šarka, 2020 m. InC (In Copyright)

Today’s national and global situation will not allow us to forget the times when, both together and individually, we experienced a period of personal and social stagnation. We have shut ourselves inside our homes and temporarily suspended all our IRL (In Real Life) activities. Some didn’t seem to have been affected by the pandemic at all – they got on with their work, only in a different location. Meanwhile those who found themselves in the state of professional idleness had to embrace the benefits of spending time with their families. Yet even sceptics had to acknowledge that social networks were not exactly the ultimate evil that incorrigibly corrupts human interactions. It became evident that, in some cases, they offered if not the only way, then at least a highly important way to maintain our contact with the world and thus keep the notion of society relevant. Skaityti toliau